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Private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" provide quality, accessible, and professional detective and investigation services in Ukraine, to the peoples and companies of CIS, USA, CANADA, EUROPE and other countries of the world. Our detective agency are working on investigation market more then 8 years. Our private detective and investigation agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" was one of the first investigator agency, which start provide detective and information services in the internet. Services of our detective agency will be useful in various situations: if you was scammed by swindlers or was happend another accident; if to you is necessary to collect the proofs for court case; if your wife, husband, girl/boy friend not honnest with you, and you will need to know, have they lovers or not; and in many other non-standart private and working situations..

Our private detective and investigation agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" have big experience in private secret support (surveillance) of your family members, girl/boy friend, which Have a rest on vacations on all resorts: of Ukraine - Black Sea ( Crimea, Odessa, etc.. ), Azov Sea ( Kirillovka, Yakimovka, Berdyansk, Skadovsk, etc..); Russia - Krasnodar region ( Anapa, Sochi, Gelendjik, Adler, etc.. ); outside Ukraine - Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. If you want to receive more information about this services on resorts, CLICK HERE

Our private detectives and investigators knows english, and this give to us big advantage before other detective agencies. The head office of our private detective agency
"Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" is situated in 1st capital of Ukraine - Kharkov city. In our detective agency are working only professional detectives - we newer work with diletants and not-professional investigators. All our investigators is ex-officers of Ukrainian and Russian criminal police. Private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" cooperate with private detectives and detective agencies, genealogy, law and security companies from other cities of Ukraine, Russia, CIS, Europe, USA and other countries of the world. All this gives to our detective agency the possibility to work not only on territory of Ukraine, but also and in other countries.

Our detective agency in Ukraine operate since 2001, and provides a full range of detective services, allowing to provide comprehensive security for your business or professionally investigate your personal issues, performs the functions of law enforcement , and experience in this field helps us to implement them efficiently, clearly fulfilling all our tasks . Applying modern methods of protection and experience, Detective-Ukraine agency provide maximum security of the Clients interests.

Detective-Ukraine International agency pay great attention to the training of our employees and private investigators, continuous improvement of their professional and physical training , additional training to work with technical security equipment and new procedures to ensure safety and private investigations.

We employ highly qualified, with extensive experience, private detectives and investigators who able to solve any problem in Ukraine. All Private detectives have the necessary trainings and undergo an aptitude test. When hiring candidates undergo a rigorous selection and testing. Professionalism and experience of our private detectives allows to apply modern methods of corporate and individual investigations, reliable design and implementation of a comprehensive professional security system, and ensures timely, very prompt and effective response on situations of our clients and provide professional assistance.

Private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" works only lawfully and is not engaged in illegal activity.

All work of our private detective agency is kept 100% confidentional and secret.

The prices of private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" consist from the complexity of the task, Region of Ukraine, where is necessary to do the job, and some other factors. Our detective services cost not cheap, but you must understand, that some money takes the charges. Send to us your order, and we will calculate prices and terms.

If you want to use detective agency or private detectives, be careful if somebody give to you cheap prices. You must remember, that detective services can not be the cheap. The very cheap price is the first sign, that this is Detective - diletant, or swindler

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In our hard time, peoples more and more entrust their problems to private detectives and in Detective agencies. Our private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" has been created for offering the detective services of private detectives to private people and the organisations which have appeared in non-standard, difficult situations.

Dear Visitors! If you became clients of our private detective agency "Detective-Ukraine.org.ua" you can not lose your money, and will receive good results in shortest terms.

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